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I can offer your brand support and collaboration, whether you're looking for input from a mental health specialist or you want to partner up with someone that's an expert in all things wellbeing.

If you're a journalist looking for a quote I can provide my expertise. And if you need a media friendly therapist I can help with TV, radio press commentary, PR campaigns and events. 


work with me

I can offer your business a variety of wellbeing workshops, including bespoke offerings tailored to your specific team needs. Options range from 1 hour workshops to full day events.

Previous workshops I've facilitated for London companies include topics such as - The Secrets To Coping With Stress, How To Improve Your Sleep, and An Introduction To Mindfulness.



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£297 per participant

this 6 week mindfulness course is based on the traditional 8 week mindfulness based cognitive therapy (MBCT) course, but the key learning points and practices have been distilled into a slightly shorter format suitable for the workplace.

the programme is based on the best-selling book 'mindfulness: finding peace in a frantic world' by mark williams, the leading mindfulness researcher in the uk and founder of the world renowned mbct course.

the course consists of six online 1.5 hour LIVE sessions and includes 10 minutes of daily meditation home practice. It is a highly accessible, engaging and practical introduction to mindfulness - and has been found to be effective with adults in workplaces in improving wellbeing and resilience to stress. 

The course themes include - waking up to the life you have, gathering the scattered mind, relating differently to thoughts and worries, practising kindness, and nourishing activities. It is suitable for people new to mindfulness or anyone that's tried meditation apps.


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