Mindfulness is all about being in the here and now, living in the present moment. How much of your time do you spend being present? Or do you spend most of the time up in your head, often worrying about the future or ruminating about the past? Too often we're anywhere BUT the present moment!

Mindfulness has become hugely popular in recent years, and there's good reason why. Because cultivating mindfulness skills and living a more mindful life is SO GOOD FOR YOU! Good for your wellbeing, your mental health, your physical health, your relationships, your career, and just about everything really. 

And then there's Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), which combines mindfulness practices and cognitive behavioural techniques.  Genius! Even though it uses the word therapy MBCT is actually a skills based course, and it's highly effective in treating psychological issues such as anxiety and stress. In fact it's so good at improving your psychological wellbeing that it's been endorsed by the NHS!

The Mindfulness for Life (MBCT-L) course gives you an in-depth introduction into mindfulness and it teaches you SO many things. One of the most helpful things you learn is how to recognise when you become entangled in streams of self-criticism, worries and negative thinking, and how to interrupt this process and make wise choices in the face of emotional struggles. Over the 8 weeks you'll also learn how to respond rather than react to stressors, and figure out how you can best take care of yourself when feeling anxious, low or stressed.

But what I love most about this course is that it ALSO focuses on the cultivation of positive psychological and emotional states of being - we're not just focusing on the negatives here! So this includes cultivating the full range of positive emotions such as happiness, boosting positive psychological states such as contentment and optimism, and building positive functions such as the ability to regulate emotions in the face of challenging circumstances. Yep, pretty amazing stuff!

Whether you want to learn how to cope better with the stressors or daily life, or whether you've got that under control but you want to find more joy and pleasure, then this course is for you. Reduce the negatives and increase the positives - check and check!

This course really is the perfect way to transform into a happier you! Give yourself this ultimate form of self-care and come and learn skills that you last you a lifetime, you won't regret it!

i'm so excited to be able to offer you the world renowned 8 week mindfulness based cognitive therapy FOR LIFE (mbct-L) course. doing it myself was the best decision i ever made.


Thursday 13th May 7-9pm


release yourself from old bad habits instead of falling into the same old vicous cycles


cultivate deep gratitude & appreciation for your daily life instead of living in your head


be kind to yourself instead of listening to your inner critic & wishing THINGS were different

Imagine if you could...

Boost your focus & attention span

Improve your relationships

Help you manage pain & illness better

Improve your sleep

Boost your creativity

Help you cope better with difficult & unhelpful thoughts

Relieve anxiety

Lift & prevent low mood

Stop bad habits in their tracks

Reduce your stress levels

Increase your self-awareness

Help you feel calmer

Teach you how to respond to thoughts & feelings

Help you be kinder to yourself

Improve your memory

what can the mindfulness course do for me

Someone that's drinking a lot of alcohol or using drugs, as the home practices need your consciousness unimpaired

Someone that has no interest in learning about mindfulness and meditation

Someone that is in the midst of a big stressful life event

Someone that's very depressed and would struggle to find the motivation & energy to do the daily home practices

who it's not for

Someone that wants to  become more self-aware of their thoughts and feelings

Someone that's keen to try out daily meditation (approx. 30 mins) and learn skills that will last a lifetime

Someone that wants to spend more time living in the present moment

Someone that's on a journey of self-development and self-care and wants to invest in their wellbeing

who it's for


Natalie is so talented at what she does. I joined the course with little knowledge of the benefits of mindfulness and I'm pleased to say that I now know! As a business owner, I'm often consumed with work and anxiety, but thanks to this wonderful course I'm now more aware and better able to deal with these feelings. I'd recommend Natalie in a heart beat, she's so knowledgeable, calming and supportive.


To truly put into words how this course has benefited me is impossible. Natalie’s delivery of this course has a unique balance of both professional and personable in expertly guiding you throughout. After finishing the course I now practice daily meditation and act more mindfully in my day to day life. I truly cannot thank Nat and the benefits I have received from this course both throughout and after.


I found the sessions really welcoming, engaging, safe and non-judgemental. By the end of the course we'd all been on a real educational / mindful journey together and it felt like a big achievement reaching the end of the course. The course has helped me to reframe certain ways of thinking and I now have a whole host of different tools which I know I can use if I find myself feeling low or in stressful  situations.


Natalie is very experienced and eloquent, yet human and natural in her delivery. The sessions were challenging but supportive and always thought provoking and useful. I achieved my goals of wanting to understand and implement mindfulness more readily into my daily life and work. I highly recommend taking advantage of Natalie's wealth of knowledge and skills. 


Natalie was professional, lovely, warm and encouraging, and I really felt she cared for us. She also modelled compassion well by being with our experience and making us feel valued. I loved each session, and I achieved all my goals and more. I think it's a course worth investing in for anyone who wants to get to know themselves better and increase self awareness and compassion.


Natalie is a great teacher of meditation and made the MBCT course very engaging, informative and enjoyable. She encouraged us to reflect on our experiences which helped me to learn a lot about being more mindful, and it was clear that she is very knowledgeable on the subject from her own practice and experience. I definitely got a lot out of attending the course and would recommend it to others.


session 1

What problem we're solving: On automatic pilot, it's easy to drift unaware into 'doing' mode & reactive thought patterns that lead us into patterns of unhelpful thinking, feeling & behaving. Habitual doing mode also robs us of our potential for living life more fully. 

waking up from automatic pilot


What problem we're solving: In doing mode we tend to 'know about' our experience only indirectly, conceptually, often through thought & language. This means we can easily get lost in automatic & impulsive reactivity. 

another way of being - the body

session TWO

session 2

What problem we're solving: The mind is often scattered and lost in thought, working away in the background, trying to complete unfinished tasks & striving for future goals. A scattered mind can lead us into distress and away from joy. 

gathering the scattered mind


session 3

What problem we're solving: Habitual doing mode robs us of our potential for living life more fully because our attention tends to be caught in thoughts about the past & the future. It can lock us into habitual ways of reacting that tend to be self-perpetuating.

recognising reactivity

session FOUR

session 4

allowing and letting be


session 5

What problem we're solving: Aversion & reactivity add additional ('optional') suffering to the unavoidable difficulties & discomforts of life. And the attachment we often have to positive experiences can create compulsive behaviour. 

What problem we're solving: We remain stuck in the reactive doing mode because we're unable to clearly see negative moods and negative thinking, including distorted beliefs, for what they truly are. 

responding skilfully to thoughts

session SIX

session 6

What problem we're solving: We struggle to take skilful action and take care of ourselves in the face of challenges, particularly when we don't recognise our personal patterns of mind and what nourishes us.

how to best take care of myself


session 7

What problem we're solving: Maintaining and extending a more mindful and caring way of being can be challenging, particularly without clear intention and commitment and when we don't have a solid plan in place.

mindfulness for life

session EIGHT

session 8


This sounds perfect for me, I'm in!

Have questions about the course?

How long is each session and how many people will be there?

How long is each session and how many people will be there?

Each of the sessions are 2 hours and take place online via Zoom. It's a small group size of up to 10-15 people to ensure everyone has sufficient time to explore what comes up for them during the meditation practices and resulting insights.

What does a typical session involve?

What does a typical session involve?

We will meditate together and then participants will be invited to share their experiences of the practice. We'll explore the weeks theme and you'll learn how to incorporate mindfulness into your daily life. Some sessions will include CBT exercises to aid learning, and we'll talk through the home practices to build on discoveries week by week.

Do I need any equipment? 

Do I need any equipment? 

Nope, just yourself and your curiosity to learn. Most people like to sit on a chair, but you're also welcome to sit or lie down on the floor with a cushion when we meditate, whatever works for you. And I usually recommend wearing some comfy clothes and having a blanket to hand to keep you warm during the longer meditation practices.

Is it ok if I've never practiced mindfulness before?

Is it ok if I've never practiced mindfulness before?

Absolutely! No prior mindfulness experience is required. Some people on the course might have meditated before, and some may have had CBT before, and lots will have done neither.




the investment

'If you want to be happy, do not dwell in the past, do not worry about the future, focus on living fully in the present.'

- dale carnegie

book here

Mindfulness can be a wonderful tool for coping with the stressors of daily life and is a great way to improve your wellbeing.

It can help you find your balance in the here and now, as well as help you become more resilient so you're better equipped to deal with any future challenges too.

If you're not sure where to start, or would like some extra support with your mindfulness practice right now, then you can book a private 1:1 mindfulness session with me.