I'm passionate about sharing psycho-education and wellbeing tips through accessible means, and I mostly do this on my Instagram. I want to be able to offer you even more so I'm planning a series of workshops on a range of exciting topics.

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Wellbeing Workshops

I can offer your business a variety of online wellbeing workshops, including bespoke offerings tailored to your specific team needs. Options range from 1 hour workshops to full day events.

Previous workshops I've facilitated for London companies include topics such as - The Secrets To Coping With Stress, How To Improve Your Sleep, and An Introduction To Mindfulness.


Workplace Workshops

Mindfulness training in the workplace has been shown to enhance wellbeing, resilience, performance and human capital.

As well as providing a one-off Introduction to Mindfulness workshop (1 hour to 1 day) I can also offer the renowned 8 week Mindfulness programme 'Finding Peace in a Frantic World'  frequently used in the workplace.

Workplace Mindfulness

£200 per participant

This 6 week Mindfulness Course is based on the traditional 8 week Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) Course, but the key learning points and practices have been distilled into a slightly shorter format suitable for the workplace.

The programme teaches the principles of mindfulness through guided meditation practices and discussions of how mindfulness can be used to help with workplace areas such as: focus, performance, stress management, communication skills, procrastination and work satisfaction.

The course consists of 6 online 1.5 hour live sessions via Zoom and includes 10 minutes of daily meditation home practice. It is a highly accessible and engaging introduction to mindfulness, specifically tailored for workplace teams.

An initial introductory mindfulness session can be offered as a way to gauge interest.

Finding Peace in a Frantic World