Business Coaching for Therapists

Do you want to grow your private practice with self-funding clients who you love working with?

As a therapist, you understand that despite our best intentions, uncertainty and self-doubt can sometimes hold us back from taking action. Add to that the challenge of not knowing which steps to take, or feeling overwhelmed by information overload, and the analysis paralysis can easily creep in.

Are you craving support and external expertise to help you reach your next business goal? If this resonates with you, let's explore how business coaching can empower you to take more confident action and grow your private practice...

How I can help you

Whether you're just starting your private practice or aiming to grow your business and diversify your revenue streams, I'm here to help you achieve your goals!

Having 'been there and done that' myself and having supported other therapists in reaching their private practice goals, I'm in a unique position to help you realise your therapy business aspirations. A business coach can be helpful, but a business coach who is also a therapist in private practice - just like you - is a winning combination for coaching you to success!

As a CBT Therapist and Cognitive Behavioural Coach, I’m equipped to coach you through business mindset challenges like avoiding fee increases, not charging for late cancellations, procrastinating on launching your website, or lacking confidence to show up on Instagram. I won’t act like your therapist, but I’ll hold space for you to figure out how to overcome any business blocks in a practical way.

I secretly love helping with all the 'boring' admin processes and systems stuff, ensuring your private practice is streamlined and you feel like a legitimate business owner. However, I'm most known for helping therapists with these three things: figuring out your niche and messaging, growing your Instagram audience to attract ideal clients, and creating an attractive and effective website.

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Here are some of the things I can support you with:


Identifying ideal client, figuring out your niche and getting clear on your messaging


Building visually pleasing branding and learning how to position yourself as an expert


Creating an impactful website and implementing SEO strategies to rank on google


Managing your business finances and setting fees aligned with your business goals


Developing an instagram content strategy and marketing yourself on social media


Introducing streamlined systems and processes to run your practice efficiently

Ways we can work together

Strategy Session

- x1 50-minute session
- book just one session or multiple sessions as and when needed
- session focused on ONE area of your choice (see session ideas in my FAQs section)
- to be paid in full


3 Session Package

- x3 50-minute sessions
- sessions spaced out however you'd like but used within 3 months
- goal setting at the start of our work together
- can be paid in full or in x3 interest free monthly payments of £200


6 Session Package

- x6 50-minute sessions
- sessions spaced out however you'd like but used within 6 months
- goal setting at the start of our work together
- can be paid in full or in x6 interest free monthly payments of £175


1 space available in july

1 space available in july

1 space available in july

What you'll get

An Onboarding Form and Private Practice Questionnaire to get clear on where you're at vs where you want your business to be.

For the Strategy Session(s) you'll get a Pre-Session Questionnaire to make sure our time together is effective and that we prioritise what's most important to you.

The Zoom session(s) will be recorded and emailed to you afterwards so that you can keep them and watch them back anytime you like.

We'll always agree clear action steps for you to complete after the session(s) and these will be put in writing and emailed to you on the same day.

BONUS: A cheerleader! I won't just encourage, inspire, motivate, advise and support you - I'll also be cheering you on and rooting for your business.

I booked in for a strategy session with Natalie and found it really helpful in terms of organising the overwhelming amount of thoughts I had when it came to identifying a niche. Her session was structured with questionnaires to complete beforehand which meant we were both prepared for the session, and the agenda was clear which helped it stay focused (which is what I needed!). I found the session so helpful that I've booked in for another strategy session straight away to continue working on my business ideas with her.

business coaching client

I have gained so much clarity and knowledge from my business coaching sessions with Natalie. You really don't know what you don't know! And Natalie has given me so many things to think about (in a good way)! as I embark on taking my practice in a different direction. She has helped me to see that it really is possible to achieve my goals for my business and for myself. Really recommend the investment.

business coaching client

Before the session I felt confused and out of my depth! It was most helpful to learn what's involved in branding and some of the main elements for me to be thinking about as I didn't really have a clue before. I'd say if you are wanting to grow your business and increase referrals from your target audience it's definitely worth the investment.

business coaching client

Natalie has helped me get off the ground and take the leap into private practice. She has such a toolkit of tips and tricks which prevent you from making as many mistakes! It's helped me build my confidence, and her knowledge and awareness of the field is soo helpful to anyone out there thinking about coaching with Natalie. I would 100% recommend Natalie to anyone.

business coaching client

I was feeling a little lost before the session but Natalie's strategy session has really helped me nail my niche and given me clarity on my messaging AND a plan with regards to developing social media content. It turned my overwhelm into feasible ideas and action - now I feel super clear and excited to get cracking on developing content ideas.

business coaching client

I've found it really really helpful to invest in someone with the knowledge and expertise to help me develop my business. I didn't know where to start beforehand and felt totally overwhelmed when I was alone in trying to figure it all out. I really loved Natalie's ability to break things down and give me clarity and a plan.

business coaching client

Before the strategy session with Natalie I was feeling uncertain, unsure and overwhelmed. I got some really good and clear feedback on my website and what next steps I need to take. I feel almost ready to launch my new website! The strategy session is definitely worth the investment if you're wanting to put ideas into action and feel unsure where to start or how to do it.

business coaching client

I booked the 3 session package of business coaching with Natalie. She gave me so many helpful tips, new ideas and new angles I can work from to improve my presence on Instagram. I no longer feel as much of an imposter! I would definitely recommend Natalie to anyone looking for business coaching.

business coaching client

Prior to working with Natalie I didn't know what I needed to do to market my therapy business. Natalie helped me to define my niche, identify my ideal clients, plan a lot of instagram content and plan a completely updated website. I now feel a lot more confident about what I need to do to grow my business. She was very easy to work with and put me at ease straight away. Thank you Natalie!

business coaching client


If you have a vision for your private practice but aren’t sure how to make it a reality, you’re in the right place!

Click below to schedule an intro call so we can talk through what you hope to achieve with business coaching.

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If you'd like to enquire about business coaching then click the button below, and we can have an intro call to see if we'd be a good fit to work together.

It's a free 15 minute telephone call and a chance to ask me any questions you've got (don't forget to check out my Business Coaching FAQs & Fees below).

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Business Coaching FAQs & Fees

How much do the business coaching sessions cost?

How much do the business coaching sessions cost?

The prices vary depending on which type of session/package you pick. All the info and prices can be found here.

What could we cover in a single strategy session?

What could we cover in a single strategy session?

Here are some ideas of what we could cover in your strategy session focusing on ONE topic:
- Identifying your ideal client and defining your niche
- Building aesthetically pleasing and effective branding
- Fee setting and aligning your pricing with your goals
- Social media content ideas and strategy
- Streamlining your client acquisition and onboarding process
- Creating an impactful website and optimising SEO
- Getting systems in place to run your practice more efficiently
- Managing your business finances as a limited company
- Goal setting for your business offerings (i.e. 1:1, group programmes, courses)
- Live social media audit and instant improvement feedback
- Live website audit and instant improvement feedback
- Email marketing and how to grow/nurture an email list
- Developing a live group programme/course

I'm a life coach, not a therapist - can I still work with you?

I'm a life coach, not a therapist - can I still work with you?

Yes, absolutely! Whilst I wouldn't offer business coaching to other types of business owners, therapists and all types of life coaches are welcome. As well as being a CBT Therapist, I'm also a trained Cognitive Behavioural Coach and offer this style of life coaching within my private practice.

What sorts of things have you done within your own private practice?

What sorts of things have you done within your own private practice?

1:1 therapy with self-funding clients, life coaching packages, clinical supervision, business coaching for therapists, email marketing and newsletters, lead magnets, blog, live mindfulness (MBCT-L) group 8 week courses, workshops, speaking events, brand collaborations, brand affiliate work, podcast interviews, radio appearances, press commentary and features.

How did you get into offering business coaching?

How did you get into offering business coaching?

My business coaching journey began when I started sharing brief bits of private practice advice to fellow therapists during supervision, and after several requests I soon moved into offering mentoring a few years ago. Then at the beginning of 2024 I left my NHS Talking Therapies Deputy Clinical Lead role to go full-time in my private practice, and was able to take on more self-funding clients and get fully booked within 2 months. It was at this point I decided to refine my mentoring and move into offering business coaching to therapists and coaches on a larger scale.

Can you offer me both supervision and business coaching?

Can you offer me both supervision and business coaching?

Yes I am happy to provide you with both clinical supervision and business coaching, however these will be individual services with separate working agreements and sessions.