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Clinical Supervision for CBT Therapists

Are you looking for a BABCP Accredited Supervisor?

Working in private practice is really exciting but it can get lonely sometimes, so there's nothing better than having an approachable and supportive supervisor by your side.

Whether you're newly qualified or an experienced therapist, I can support you to continue developing your clinical skills in CBT whilst also ensuring someone's looking after your professional wellbeing too.

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CBT supervision

Your dedicated monthly space to talk about your clients, skills, private practice and wellbeing. 

I've been supervising both qualified and trainee CBT Therapists for over 10 years and I absolutely love it! Prior to going full time in my private practice I also supervised Senior CBT Therapists when I worked as a Principal CBT Therapist and Deputy Clinical Lead for an NHS Talking Therapies service in 2020-2024.

Having worked in senior roles in the NHS since 2016, I'm a safe pair of hands to rely on. But that doesn't mean supervision has to be super formal and stuffy, it's your space to relax and reflect on your client work and skills, and of course check in on your own wellbeing as a private practice therapist. Whether you feel super competent or you struggle with confidence in your abilities, I always say 'there's no such thing as a silly question' - I'm here to support you, not judge you!

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My skills and experience

I've completed a 2-year PgDip in CBT and worked in NHS Talking Therapies services for 12 years seeing clients age 16+

I've also completed a 2-year PgDip in CBT for Children & Young People whilst doing a placement in an NHS CAMHS service

I've completed Supervisor training for trainee and qualified CBT Therapists, and have achieved BABCP Supervisor Accreditation

I've completed Mindfulness Teacher training in both MBCT and MBCT for Life, and have ran these 8 week courses in the NHS and in my private practice 

I've completed training in Compassion Focused Therapy and Mindful Self-Compassion and regularly use these approaches in my clinical work

Here are some of the things I can support you with:


Building your formulation skills and how to formulate when working online 


Working well with multiple problems or when a client doesn't 'fit' into a model


Learning more about CFT & mindfulness and how to incorporate it into your work


Believing in your skills and abilities when your confidence as a CBT therapist is low


Achieving BABCP accreditation via the knowledge, skills & attitudes (KSA) route


Enhancing your CBT skills and avoiding therapist drift so that you continue to be effective

If you’re looking for an incredibly knowledgable and passionate supervisor then Natalie is for you. She’s helped me grow in confidence and enhanced my CBT knowledge. I am extremely grateful for my time working with her!

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Natalie taught me so much about the importance of work boundaries and prioritising my wellbeing in order to manage the various demands of my role. She has a vast knowledge of CBT and mindfulness, and her support and guidance really helped to increase my confidence as a CBT practitioner.

supervision client

It has been so nice to work with Natalie, all of our supervision sessions have been invaluable to me and I’ve taken a lot from each of them. Natalie is so approachable and has been amazing at providing additional information and resources to go away with. I have really appreciated Natalie’s help!

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One of the perks of private practice is that you get to pick who your clinical supervisor is!

Click below to schedule an intro call so we can talk through what you're hoping to get out of supervision.

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If you'd like to enquire about clinical supervision then click the button below, and we can have an intro call to see if we'd be a good fit to work together.

It's a free 15 minute telephone call and a chance to ask me any questions you've got (don't forget to check out my Supervision FAQs & Fees below).

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Supervision FAQs & Fees

How much do supervision sessions cost and are they online?

How much do supervision sessions cost and are they online?

Supervision sessions (50 minutes) cost £125 and take place on Zoom.

How often do we meet for supervision?

How often do we meet for supervision?

I usually meet with my supervisees on a monthly basis (BABCP accreditation requires part-time therapists to have 45 minutes of supervision per month).  However I am flexible and can meet at a frequency that works for you and your practice needs.

Do you only supervise work on perfectionism?

Do you only supervise work on perfectionism?

No, I still work with and supervise a wide range of problems! The disorders I tend to treat the most in my perfectionist clients are GAD, social anxiety, OCD and Body Dysmorphic Disorder. I have also began specialising in ADHD.

Do you have experience supervising therapy groups?

Do you have experience supervising therapy groups?

Yes, I have a lot of experience in running therapy groups and setting up courses in private practice. I've completed specialist group therapy training, and specialist group therapy supervision training.

Do you supervise work with children and teenagers?

Do you supervise work with children and teenagers?

Although I am qualified to offer supervision for children and teenagers, I am currently only offering supervision for clients age 16+ as this is the age range I work with in my private practice.

Can you offer me both supervision and business coaching?

Can you offer me both supervision and business coaching?

Yes I am happy to provide you with both clinical supervision and business coaching, however these will be individual services with separate working agreements and sessions.