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# Perfectionism with Natalie Englander

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# Using mindfulness to overcome perfectionism

# Perfectionism and self-worth

# Self-help or professional help?

# Perfectionism with Natalie Englander

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# The link between Perfectionism and ADHD

# The NHS to Private Practice transition

Natalie has been a pleasure to work with from start to finish after we asked her to supply some expert advice on perfectionism signs for Natalie provided expert content, proactively meeting the pre-agreed deadline and also provided some beautiful high-res imagery to accompany her commentary. Thank you Natalie, we won’t hesitate to reach out again when we need an expert in your field.

jessica gibson - magazine editor

I've had the pleasure of hosting Natalie on my podcast Ask The Therapist twice now and can say, she's a great speaker. Natalie has an ability to articulate her thoughts with clarity and precision, making topics easily understandable for people. She is confident and her timekeeping was great ensuring a smooth and engaging conversation. Natalie's insights and expertise added real value to our discussion, and her enthusiasm is infectious. I highly recommend Natalie as a podcast guest for anyone looking to elevate their content with a knowledgeable and engaging speaker.

sarah d rees - podcast host

Natalie is an asset to anyone wanting to collaborate with her. She was a guest on our podcast Hello Therapy, and Natalie's professionalism and expertise shone through during the whole process. From responding to emails quickly to expertly articulating complex psychological concepts during the episode in a way that was both compassionate and easy to understand, we would not hesitate to ask Natalie on the show again.

dr liz white - podcast host


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